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The WORST (Or Most Delicious) Foods You Can Get At Restaurants

The WORST (Or Most Delicious) Foods You Can Get At Restaurants

Will you be eating any of these foods again after this?

“Any time you hit up your favorite fast food or casual dining restaurant, you pretty much know you’re doing your body a disservice. But we don’t blame you. That whole thing about the body being a temple is hard to uphold 24/7. And who’s to say temples don’t enjoy a good slathering in fat and sugar every once in a while? But precisely how much damage are you doing when you enjoy a night out at say, Applebee’s? Quite a bit, it turns out. The Center For Science In The Public Interest has created a list for its Xtreme Eating Awards 2016 that calls out some of the most unhealthy meals we consume. The organization evaluates meals based on calories, sugar content, salt, and fat and we hate to say it but it might be time to cut back a bit.”

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