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The Delicious and Inexpensive Food of Albania

The Delicious and Inexpensive Food of Albania
Travels With Sheila was pleasantly surprised not only by the quality of delicious food served throughout Albania, but also how inexpensive it was. Large portions right up an American’s alley… People think Americans serve large amounts of food? They haven’t visited Albania yet.

Albania makes very good wine. Fresh fruits and vegetables in wonderful salads, present at every meal. Lots of barbecuing, grilling, kebobs and meat. Vegetarians, this is meat country. I even snarfed down sheep’s yogurt but did not try the goat/sheep heads turning on the spit. Impossible to go hungry during your stay in Albania on any budget. A wonderful country with friendly people, sights ranging from beach resorts to craggy mountains to Roman ruins. Visit Albania and see for yourself…

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