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How To Make The Big Switch From A Charlotte Stylist To One In Ballantyne


Every person adores putting cute hairstyles to improve their personality and even have a sense impression to yourself. Sometimes you may come across a new hairstyle that you feel its now the time to make a change, but you know very well your current hairstylist doesn’t know about it so they may not be able to dress you up the hairstyle to your expectations. Now, this is where the confusion arises as it becomes a difficult choice on how to ditch them when you remember how royal you have been as a client. Because you don’t want to destroy the relationship you have developed, here are some tips for switching stylists without hurting each other’s feelings.

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This is a great way to watch the type of work they do and decide if you want to go with them or a different stylist.

Remember it’s a professional service you pay for
In the first place, remember that you came for a quality service that you pay for. Know that it is professional to maintain a positive relationship, but on the other hand, you should be satisfied with the services you came for. It may be emotional to approach your hairstylist and shock them abruptly that you are leaving. It might be worth you move on to a new hairstylist and never come back without having to tell them. But you can also switch hairstylists at the same salon without creating enmity.
Approach the salon owner
It might be reasonable to approach the salon owner as they might be impartial in handling the transition. They have the knowledge on how they solve issues with their employees and knows how to handle each one of them. They want to maintain you as a loyal client and will do everything possible to ensure that they improvise an amicable solution that will please both parties.
Change your appointment time
You can reschedule your appointment days and time if you have been coming to the same salon in a regular timeframe. You can go to the salon and book another hairstylist when your previous hairdresser is busy. This way even if they react, you can have a humble answer that will cool them down even by suggesting that you found them busy and you were in a hurry. If you get satisfied with the new hairstylist, then it will be much simpler to book the next appointment with your new hairstylist.
Offer them a chance
It is good to approach your hairstylist and explain to them about your feeling on the work they have been doing for you. Let them have a chance to redeem, and if you have found a new hairstyle, you can tell them about it and let them respond if they can do it for you. Of course, they are professionals, so they can learn everything that involves hairstyles and maybe if give them the opportunity, they can prove to you that they can render your satisfaction rather than just walking away.
Always be friendly
It is good to act responsibly even if you have decided to move to a new hairstylist. You might destroy your good relationship only to realize later on that your new hairdresser is worse than the previous one. Going back will be difficult. They always say that etiquette is a good thing and it depicts your personality. Let them feel that you appreciated their work by sending a simple gift like a flower. They will appreciate and feel valued. These were just some of the tips for switching stylists, you can always find a better way to do it without hurting anyone.
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